Know Your Fisherman

Why Morshovi Bay?

Morshovi Bay Fish Company offers seafood from the true “wild west” of the Alaska fishing industry–the waters around the Aleutian Islands. These remote, cold Bering Sea waters produce what we believe to be the highest quality seafood Alaska can offer. Fishing is a little harder this far out, but the fishermen of the Aleutians believe that the premium seafood of the region is worth the extra effort.


We at Morshovi Bay have been fishing around the Aleutian Islands for two generations. This is our home, and the ocean is our front yard. We are very proud of the bounty and quality of the seafood in our region, and we cannot wait to share this with you. This is why we started Morshovi Bay Fish Company–to connect you with the seafood of the Aleutian Islands. 


Morshovi Bay delivers seafood directly to your home or neighborhood offering you a chance to personally meet your fisherman.


Wild Alaska seafood is good for you, good for the fishermen that catch it, and good for the planet.

How it Works

Purchase a share of Wild Alaska Seafood and after our summer fishing season we conveniently deliver it to your home or local food-hub in the Seattle and Twin-Cities regions.


Shares range in size from single delivery to five monthly deliveries.


Delicious and healthy, our quality, flash-frozen fillets create easy to prepare meals loved by everyone.